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Shanghai Measuretech Laboratory Instrument Co., Ltd.

Precision Balancce, Analytical Balance,Moisture Analyzer, PH Meter, Conductiv...

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Shanghai Measuretech Laboratory Instrument Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of laboratory instruments. With years of continuous innovation and investment in technical research and production accumulation,Website:, we have achieved expertise in supplying the most reliable instruments to support our customers worldwide.

Our main products are
Weighing instruments including analytical balance, moisture analyzers, calibration weights.
Water treatment instruments including PH meters, Ion meters, conductivity meters, dissolved oxygen meters, multi-parameter meters, titrators, water purification systems and environment protection instruments.
Physico-optical instruments including spectrophotometers, flame photometers, polarimeters, colorimeters, turbidity meters, melting point meters, refractometers. We also supply general laboratory instruments, electrodes and laboratory consumables.

Our success comes from the pursuit of high quality prod... [Detailed introduction]