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Yunnan Honglv Capsaicin Co.,Ltd

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Yunnan Honglv Capsaicin Co., Ltd is a leading chili product manufacturer in China,Website:, engaging and striving to identify, research, develop the active ingredients from chili, and produce Paprika Oleoresin, Capsicum Oleoresin, Capsaicin powder, Capsaicin Crystals, chili seed oil and other new chili products, to be applied in the industry of pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, drinks, food additives, and feed additives. With the million acres of plantation base, science-based professional R&D team, ISO Compliant facility, and Advanced Quality Control Center, Honglv Capsaicin is able to 100% guarantee our products safe, qualified and sustainable, and also can offer scientific solutions to suit our customers need for developing innovative products. [Detailed introduction]