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Xi’an Balance Composite Co.,Ltd

RO vessel,FRP membrane vessel,FRP RO membrane housing,RO membrane housing,RO ...

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Xi’an Balance Composite Co.,Ltd.,Website:, a Sino-UK joint–venture high-technology company. We are providing pressure vessels/membrane housing,tubular filter,water treatment equipment and consumable for customers in the area of water treatment,environmental protection,and extraction treatment of concentration.Our products are widely used in the project of pure water extraction,waste water treatment and recycle,seawater desalinization,and extraction treatment of concentration which belong to food and beverage,pharmaceutical and chemical,power and electronics,metallurgy and petrochemical,and biological pharmacy,and etc.
”Provide better products and services to customers” as the company’s tenet, our competencies lie on technical innovation and efficient management. We strictly adhere to ISO9001:2000 standards and we are dedicated to provide high-class products and services to customers. [Detailed introduction]