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Henan Peffer Industrial Co., Ltd

Honey Extractor, Beeswax Machine, Bee Hive, Bee smoker, Beeswax Foundation Sh...

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Henan Peffer Industrial Co., Ltd. is a family-owned enterprise which located in Henan since 1986. We have been dedicated to designing,Website:, manufacturing and selling a variety of practical and innovative beekeeping tools, including honey extractor, bee hive, honey comb, frames, bee smoker and so on.
Over past decades, it maintained a continuous development due to its sincerity, reliability, innovation and customer-oriented policy that catering to the needs of end users according to changing trends worldwide. The company has become a reputable supplier in the field that consequently serving the leading companies over the world.
Accordingly, our mission is to provide continuously developed and good quality beekeeping tools, outstanding service and latest information of market to meet the requirements for our customers.
We sincerely look forward to cooperate you in the near future. [Detailed introduction]